The innovative range of European flooring systems, developed by ACL subsidiary ITCOM®, include the DEX raised flooring system for external environments, the DURUM raised access flooring system, and the INCOCELL self-supporting quick-lay flooring system.


This innovative raised access flooring system, available in a wide range of finishes for different functional conditions, provides lasting durability and dimensional stability together with high physical-mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as resistance to environmental conditions.

The raised platform creates a space cavity ideal for installation of a wide range of technical infrastructures: power grids, telecommunication and computer systems, air conditioning systems, water pipes and more. It allows for access points for maintenance and repair from any position. Visible cables and connections across your office floors are a thing of the past.

Available in three product lines, a range of models and colours. View the Durum technical data.


This revolutionary DIY self-supporting flooring system is one of the most versatile and quick flooring solutions – lay and ready to use, no cement or adhesives needed. Ideal for interior commercial or residential projects, the tiles are removable and reusable. Change the whole look of your office, building foyer or living space in one day or night.

Available in 6 colours. See the INCOCell technical sheet.