There’s an ACL concrete floor tile perfect for your building and environment – whether residential or commercial, indoor or out.
The Madeira range replicates wood planks, while the following tiles highlight the extensive range and design versatility of ACL’s products.

Explore these beautiful concrete tiles in detail in our Catalogues. Please ask us here for further information or architectural examples.


Sizes: 400x600x42 | 400x400x36; 90 | 75 kg/m2
Available in 10 colours / finishes
View the Aparente technical data.


Size: 500x500x40
Available in 2 colours
View the Ardosia technical data.


NEW! Size: 500x500x25, 55 kg/m2
Available in 5 colours & 3 finishes.
View the Inconcrete technical data.

Liso Polido

Size: 400x400x36, 75 kg/m2
Available in 3 colours
View the Liso Polido technical data.


Size: 410x100x18, 40 kg/m2
Available in 25 colours & 2 finishes
View the Marmobrick colour info sheet.

A complete solution, marble-style brickwork. Stunning for both wall and floor.


Size: 410x410x18, 42 kg/m2
Available in 23 colours & 4 finishes
View the Marmocim technical data.

Pave Rustico

Sizes: 150x120x40 | 190x95x40, 97 | 93 kg/m2
Available in 3 colours
View the Pave Rustico technical data.

Pedra Tosca

Sizes: 500x400x30 | 900x250x55 | 500x250x30, 12 | 20 | 8.5 kg/piece
Available in 3 shapes & 3 colours
View the Pedra Tosca technical data.


Sizes: standard 500x500x25 plus variations & pool edging, 56 kg/m2
Available in 5 colours
View the Portucale technical data and the Portucale pool technical data.


Size: 400x400x38, 75-81.25 kg/m2
Available in 5 styles & 5 colours
View the Relevo technical data.


Sizes: 600x450x30 | 450x450x30 | 450x300x30, 66 kg/m2
Available in 5 colours
View the Romano technical data.


Size: 600x400x36 & pool edging, 75 kg/m2
Available in 5 colours
View the Struckturit pool technical data.


Size: 900x450x30, 66 kg/m2
Available in 1 colour
View the Travertino technical data.


Sizes: 450x300x50 | 250x300x50, 111 kg/m2
Available in 2 colours
View the Trianon technical data.

Washed Stone

Sizes: 600x400x42 | 400x400x36, 90 | 75 kg/m2
Available in 16 colours
View the Washed Stone technical data.