The NATURE line of premium Portuguese concrete wall tiles perfectly replicate nature and the century-old use of natural products in building, bringing natural cork and stone – in all their variations – to life inside and out. Given the characteristics of aggregates and their photographic reproduction, there may be slight variations in particle size and tone.

Explore these beautiful tiles in detail in our Catalogues. Please ask us here for further information or architectural examples.

NEW! Create the unique individuality of slate slabs in all interiors with Ardos wall tiles.

Available in 1 colour and 2 sizes: 1000x200x20 | 1000x350x20. See the Ardos technical data sheet.

NEW! Nature pure, fearless and striking. Bergo is reminiscent of mountain stone cottages, standing strong against all the elements.

Available in 4 colours, for in/exterior. See the Bergo technical data sheet.

A harmonious combination of rustic tranquility and the avant-garde, Caster‘s intense nature component makes it perfect for both small and large spaces.

Available in 4 colours. See the Caster technical data sheet.

NEW! Weathered bricks in contemporary colours – Cementbrick – perfect for modern-meets-rustic design elements.

Available in 5 colours. See the Cementbrick technical data sheet.

Bring nature, personality and strength into any space with Luna. The clear incisive style of this stone replica cannot be eclipsed.

Available in 5 colours. See the Luna technical data sheet.

Elegant, uncomplicated and welcoming, Marte is perfect for all comfort zones within a home. It creates a peaceful atmosphere through its nature-like simplicity.

Available in 3 colours. See the Marte technical data sheet.

Rooms with personality require wall coverings to match. Nisa is temperamental, vibrant and confident. A popular choice for architectural projects Nisa brings strength and authenticity into any space.

Available in 3 colours. See the Nisa technical data sheet.

Transcending time and space, Orion is a constellation of classic and natural forms into one. It perfectly adorns any space, whether indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential.

Available in 3 colours. See the Orion technical data sheet.

Its strong and distinctive sovereign character make Royal a smart choice for those seeking a noble rustic look within a bold environment.

Available in 6 colours. See the Royal technical data sheet.

A winning combination of tranquility and boldness, Siena‘s extensive colour range ensure a perfect match to any environment. Rustic yet meticulously polished, it represents impeccable natural style.

Available in 12 colours. See the Siena technical data sheet.

Timeless sophistication and absolute comfort are the trademarks of Stone Cork. Elegant, restrained and modern whilst incorporating the rustic beauty of cork.

Available in 4 colours. View the Stone Cork technical data.

Strong and rustic, Teira impresses with its perfect replication of century-old stone structures. Teira brings the history and ambience of bygone eras into modern-day buildings.

Available in 3 colours. See the Teira technical data sheet.

Immerse rooms with the well-being and warmth of natural stone through Vénus. Replicating roughly hewn stone, every wall is as unique and individual as we are.

Available in 3 colours. See the Venus technical data sheet.