Ideal for Australian/NZ climates, MADEIRA concrete floor tiles maintain their perfect wood look for years and in all seasons – simply lay and forget! The various models and colours allow for a multitude of design applications and styles, from light bleached wood to rustic dark.

1-plank (3-formats) 900/600/300x225x30, 66 kg/m2
2-plank 1000x200x30, 72.5 kg/m2
3-plank 600x300x30, 64 kg/m2
5-plank (square) 500x500x30, 65 kg/m2
Pool edging available

Available in 5 wood colours. 2 plank format as natural or grooved finish.
View the Madeira planks technical data, square paquetry technical data and the pool edging technical data.

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